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ITALY, Lazio, Rome

Date Formed 1988

Categories: Gothic Metal


SEPOLCRUM, a Gothic Metal band formed in Rome during 1988, released the 1990 'Anteroom Of The Hell' 1993 demos 'Flowers Upon The Grave'. The single 'Gather My Blood Forever' was released in 1994. Original drummer Emiliano Chiocciolini was replaced by Marco de Pascale.

Band mentor LORD VAMPYR (a.k.a. Alessandro Nunziati) forged THEATRES DES VAMPIRES for a successful run of albums. He would break away from that band in late 2004, launching a debut album 'De Vampyrica Philosophia'.

Both guitarist Roberto Cufaro and bassist Marco Montagna featured in VII ARCANO.

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Gather My Blood Forever 1994