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ITALY, Lazio, Rome

Date Formed 1997

Categories: Black Metal, Gothic Metal


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Italian, heavily theatric, vampire fixated Black Metal exponents THEATRES DES VAMPIRES, mentored by SEPOLCRUM veteran LORD VAMPYR (a.k.a. Alessandro Nunziati), debuted with the 1995 demo recording 'Nosferatu, Eine Symphone Des Gravens'. The group is rooted in a prior 1989 formation entitled SEPOLCRUM featuring Lord Vampyr and guitarist Lord Morgoth (Roberto Cufaro). This act evolved into VII ARCANO in 1992 and in 1993 released a 7" single 'Gather My Blood Forever'. As VII ARCANO's musical direction veered toward Thrash Metal Lord Vampyr opted out to forge THEATRE DES VAMPIRES in 1994.

Line-up changes saw the debut album 'Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie' being constructed as a solo studio endeavour of Lord Vampyr. A full band compliment was installed for the 1999 offering 'The Vampire Chronicles', the promotion for which saw THEATRES DES VAMPIRES employing movie effects to create spectacular live shows. Part of the band's European schedule included a UK showing at the 'Vampyria III' event.

Third album 'Bloody Lunatic Asylum' was delivered in 2001 with live work including dates with IRON MAIDEN, CHILDREN OF BODOM and IN FLAMES amongst others. A further album that year, 'Jubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001', had the group, having dispensed with guitarist Strigoi, now citing a roster of female singers Sonya Scarlet and Justine Consuelo, Lord Vampyr, the guitar pairing of Mortifer and Incubus (Alessandro Pallotta), bassist Blutsauger (Zimon Liyoi), keyboard man Necros (Fabian Varesi) and drummer Blasfemator (Gabriel Valerio). However, before long Morgoth, Lord Vampyr's comrade from the band's early years, had usurped Mortifer.

During early 2002 the band set to work on a new album entitled 'Suicide Vampire'. For these recordings THEATRES DES VAMPIRES utilised the services of the choir and string section of the famed Santa Cecilia music institute in Rome, known for their epic soundtrack work on the 'Conan The Barbarian' movie. Upfront of these sessions THEATRES DES VAMPIRES reportedly dismissed drummer Blasfemator. By this juncture THEATRES DES VAMPIRES was quoting a band line-up of vocalists Scarlet and Alexander, guitarists Count Morgoth (Roberto Cufaro) and Alex, bass player Zimon, keyboard player Fabian with Gabriel on drums. 'Suicide Vampire' ran into legal problems when the band's sense of humour, re-working Aussie diva KYLIE MINOGUE's 'I Can't Get You Out Of My Head', less than subtly morphed into 'I Can't Get You Out Of My Grave', forced an injunction upon the album from the Pop stars lawyers. The album was withdrawn and re-pressed, making original copies of 'Suicide Vampire' now highly sought after.

In 2003 plans were made to completely re-record the band's debut album 'Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie'. As special studio guest for these sessions CRADLE OF FILTH and CHRISTIAN DEATH guitarist Gian Pyres contributed. THEATRES DES VAMPIRES completed work on a new album, 'Nightbreed Of Macabria', in March of 2004. Tracks from this latest opus would be included in the soundtrack of the David Bracci directed movie 'Edge Of The Darkness'.

LORD VAMPYR struck out on the solo trail for 2005, launching a debut album 'De Vampyrica Philosophia'. The album included contributions from band colleagues Blasfemator and Morgoth. Meantime, THEATRES DES VAMPIRES, now just fronted by Sonya Scarlet, contracted a deal with Dreamcell11, part of the Aural Music Group, for a new album 'Pleasure And Pain' for issue in November. UK shows were lined up for October, supported by fellow Italians DRACONIAN ORDER and KORVUS. However, the group was warned by promoters that Sonya Scarlet's predeliction for cutting herself on stage then inviting the audience to lick her blood would not be tolerated.

Trouble did duly afflict the band, although not in the manner expected when on 3rd November, the night of a gig at the Norwich Ferryboat, keyboard player Fabio Necros was rushed to hospital suffering from appendicitis. The band performed the gig regardless minus Necros. Stephan Benfante replaced Count Morgoth in 2006.

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES released a double CD, 'Desire Of Damnation (The Addiction Tour)', in February 2007 via Blackend Records. The set included a CD with the audio version of the DVD of the same title and a separate disc with four new studio songs, three remixes, one version of a medley featuring 'Vampyrica' and 'Suicide Vampire' performed by the tenor voice Franco Carta arranged and directed by composer Stefano Lazzoni.

May 2008's 'Anima Noir' offering, featuring a cover version of THE CULT's 'Rain', witnessed a switch in direction Electro-Industrial near EBM

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