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ITALY, Liguria, Genova

Date Formed 1990

Categories: Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal


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Previously known as NECRODEATH and formed in 1991, under the original monicker the Italians released the 'Into The Macabre' record before switching to the SADIST handle and promptly coming up with the 'Black Screams' 7" single for Italian label Obscure Plasma. The single sold around 2'500 copies, but following its release original vocalist Fabio quit and thus bassist Andy took over singing duties.

After touring through Italy, Portugal and France SADIST signed to Nosferatu Records and recorded the 'Above The Light' debut album before a parting of the ways occurred with Andy and SADIST drafted in vocalist Zanna and bassist Chicco. Both appeared on the 'Tribe' album prior to SADIST reuniting with Andy. 'Tribe' was recorded in England at the Rhythm Studio.

Guitarist Tommy Talamanca produced the debut album from extreme Death Metal band NATRON in 1998. SADIST latterly pulled in former THY NATURE and NODE drummer Oinos for session work.

Tommy Talamanca would act as producer for INFECTION CODE's 2004 album 'Sterile', this opus also seeing Trevor acting as studio guest. In 2005 the SADIST legacy was given a boost when Czech label Beyond Productions announced they were to issue re-mastered variants of the band's first two albums. 'Above The Light', re-issued in December, added two bonus tracks.

2007 album recordings featured GOBLIN keyboard player Claudio Simonetti as studio guest on a reworking of the 1993 instrumental track 'Sadist'. The eponymous album was issued in Europe in April via Beyond Productions.

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