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ITALY, Lombardy, Milan

Date Formed 1987

Categories: Doom, Gothic Metal


MONUMENTUM came together in Milan during mid 1987 with a line-up of vocalist Mark Westfall, guitarist Roberto Mammarella, bassist Anthony and drummer Mox Christadoro. They released a 1989 demo, entitled 'Musaeum Hermeticum', and two tracks from this tape, 'Nostalgia Of The Infinite' and 'Nephtali', were released on a split EP in 1991 shared with ROTTING CHRIST.

MONUMENTUM effectively split following the demo release, but increased recording offers saw the band sign to Norways's DSP label. Unfortunately, before a release could be made, DSP's mentor Euryonymous was murdered. Finally seeing the light of day on Misanthropy Records, the debut album 'In Absenti Christi' utilises the talents of two vocalists in ICONOCLAST's Andrea Zanetti and ATARAXIA's Francesca Nicoli. With MONUMENTUM reaping praise on the underground Metal scene the split EP with ROTTING CHRIST would bear witness to a picture disc re-issue during 1996.

Following three years of absence MONUMENTUM's silence was broken with the inclusion of the new track 'The Color Of Compassion' included on a Misanthropy sampler entitled 'Presumed Guilty'. Recording line up for this track being Mammarella, Christadoro, Federico Simonetta on bass and Daniele Bovo on keyboards.

Utilising the session services of SOLEFALD's Cornelius Brastad MONUMENTUM delivered their rendition of the DEATH SS tune 'Black And Violet' to an Italian tribute album in 1999. In 2001 Mammarella pulled together a new team under the MONUMENTUM title to record the 'Ad Nauseum' album. Featured would be keyboard players Andrea Belluci and Daniele Bovo, vocalists Andrea Stefanelli of NUVOLA NESHUA and Alis Francesca Bos, bass player Diego Danelli and drummer Elisa Carrera. The latter would be unexpectedly forced out of the sessions when she fell pregnant.

Drummer Mox Christadoro has since worked with numerous Italian bands including CRASH BOX, LAS CRUS and CARNIVAL OF FOOLS.

Roberto Mammarella also operates a Gothic Doom side project CULTUS SANGUINE and, with Andrea Belucci, TWO SOULS.

In September 2009 Displeased Records re-issued 'In Absentia Christi' adding the extra track 'In Misery Front Raw'.

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