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ITALY, Lombardy, Milan

Date Formed 1994

Categories: Power Metal, Progressive Rock


Milan, Lombardy based Power / Progressive Metal band. SKYLARK, established by keyboard player Eddy Antonini during 1994, has built quite a reputation in their homeland with successive, and increasingly elaborate, releases. The band debuted in 1995 with the self-financed album 'The Horizon & The Storm'.Alongside Antonini SKYLARK's recording roster comprised singer Fabio Dozzo, guitarists Max Faracci and Niko Tordini, bassist Roberto 'Brodo' Potenti with Francesco Meles and Mark Hal handling drums.

Signing to the Underground Symphony label, the EP 'Waiting For the Princess...' followed in 1996. A second full-length SKYLARK opus, 'Dragon's Secrets', arrived in April 1997. Japanese variants added two extra tracks taken from the preceding EP.

The album 'After The Storm' is in fact a re-release of the debut record remastered with extra tracks. An interim EP, 'Belzebu' recorded at Zenith Recordings with assistance from LABYRINTH's Frank Andiver, surfaced in 1999. The 2000 two set album project pairing, 'Divine Gates', sees guest showings from Folco Orlandini of MESMERIZE as the 'Guardian Angel' character, guitarist Vic Mazzoni of PROJECTO and LABYRINTH members guitarist Olaf Thorsen and vocalist Rob Tyrant.

SKYLARK's reputation would burgeon throughout 2000 as mainland Europe and Japan took to the band. Evidence of this rising status came with their inclusion on the HELLOWEEN tribute album 'Keepers Of Jericho' donating their take on 'Twilight Of The Gods'. The group would also headline the Spanish 'Rock Machina 2000' festival and score a no. 1 album in the import charts for the highly respected Japanese Rock magazine 'Burrn'.

Keyboard player EDDY ANTONINI released a 1998 solo album 'When Water Became Ice'. The following year Antonini involved himself with the KHALI side project release of TIME MACHINE musicians bassist Lorenzo Deha, guitarist Joe Tacconi and singer Folco Orlandini. Japanese versions of SKYLARK's 2001 album 'The Princess Day' included an extra exclusive track 'Princess Of The Snow'.

Following a two year hiatus, SKYLARK signed a deal with the Italian label Scarlet Records for a May 2004 album 'Wings', this being the first in a two part concept. The band ambitiously tackled DEF LEPPARD's ballad 'When Love And Hate Collide' for this record, this track, along with a remake of 'Dream' from EDDY ANTONINI's solo album, seeing the introduction of new co-lead vocalist Kiara. Other changes in the formula found guitarist Pota unable to contribute to recording due to his involvement with his INFINITY project. As a result, bassist Brodo recorded all rhythm guitar parts, whilst all lead solos were laid down by Max Ferry (Max Faracci), an old friend of the band's who had previously guested on their first two albums.

The band donated their version of 'Out Of The Shadows / Hands Of Time' to the Steelborn Records collated STRATOVARIUS tribute album in 2004, entitled 'Within Infinity - Tribute to Stratovarius'. SKYLARK issued a tenth anniversary compilation, entitled 'In The Heart Of The Princess', with tracks chosen by polling their Japanese fanbase. This double CD set also added two brand new songs, 'Mt. Fuji' and 'Last Battle', plus re-recordings of 'Little Girl', 'The Princess' Day' and 'Dream'.

In mid 2005 SKYLARK parted ways with drummer Carlos Cantatore, drafting former drummer Federico Ria for the Dutch 'Ragnarock' festival and subsequent live dates. The band gained further exposure outside of the Rock n' Roll arena when singer Kiara was chosen by Givenchy as one of the two models to launch a new perfume 'Very Irresistible' in Milan. The September 2005 album 'Fairytales' hosted a cover version of MIKE OLDFIELD's 'Moonlight Shadow'.

SKYLARK, re-contracting with Underground Symphony Records, spent spring 2006 crafting a new record 'Divine Gates Part 3: The Last Gate'.

The band played with NIGHTWISH in Beijing and Shangai on 21st and 23rd January 2008. Their own headline dates gave SKYLARK the distinction of being the first western band to play in the cities of Harbin, Kunming, Ghuoanzhou, and Changchun. That same year both Eddy Antonini and Kiaira guested on the BETO VASQUEZ INFINITY album 'Darkside'. SKYLARK's fourth Japanese tour took place in May 2009. To coincide the concert DVD 'The Divine Gates Part 4 - The Live Gate' saw issue.

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