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ITALY, Lucca

Categories: Black Metal


Italian Black Metal band based in Lucca. HANDFUL OF HATE arrived in 1995 with the demo session 'Goetia Summa'. The band, centred upon vocalist / guitarist Nicola Bianchi, had been founded some two years earlier unfortunately suffering the tragedy of having bassist Urgo die in 1994.

HANDFUL OF HATE has had numerous line ups with their rhythm section of J.M. and bassist Andrea B. decamping in early 1998. A short term replacement was ex-DEATH SS man Felix Moon.

Latterly the band has drafted NECROMASS guitarist Marco M, MIDGARD bass player Enrico S and drummer Gionata Potenti of FROSTMOON ECLIPSE. Claudio Alcara was enrolled on guitar in 2000. Guitarist Marco M. decamped in August of 2002. The band signed to the Code666 label during October for a new studio album provisionally entitled 'ViceCrown'. Initial copies of 'ViceCrown', naturally restricted to 666 copies, would come packaged in a unique leather clad box.

The band put in an appearance at the London 'Infernal Damnation' in May 2004. HANDFUL OF HATE signed to Cruz Del Sur Music for a 2006 album 'Gruesome Splendour'. HANDFUL OF HATE acted as support to IMPALED NAZARENE in November 2006 in Padova, Rome and Bologna.

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