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ITALY, Piedmont, Andezeno

Date Formed 1999

Categories: Black Metal


Andezeno, Piedmont Black Metal act BLACK FLAME came into being during early 1999, drawn together by vocalist / guitarist Cardinale Italo Martire and bassist Serpentrax, both erstwhile members of BLACK WALKER. This pairing would soon be bolstered with the addition of drummer M:A FOG (a.k.a. Massimo Altomare), a veteran of acts such as DAEMUSINEM, MORTUARY DRAPE, DYING AWKWARD ANGEL, DARK REALITY and ALLOST.

BLACK FLAME cut the suitably entitled 'Welcome' EP in February of 2000. Having sold some 400 copies the band engaged in live work in the Autumn of 2001, being joined by these performances by female vocalist Morgana. Before the year had closed a further EP, 'Orgiastic Funeral', had been recorded. BLACK FLAME's full-length April 2003 album 'The Third Revelation' featured a cover rendition of MORTUARY DRAPE's 'Abbot', this song seeing MORTUARY DRAPE members Wildness Perversion and Left Hand Preacher acting as studio guests.

The band's 2004 album 'Torment And Glory', recorded at One Voice Studios in Chivasso, saw issue in the USA through Jersey Devil as a vinyl only release restricted to 500 hand numbered copies. Worship Him Records put out the next offering, 'Conquering Purity', in January 2006, for which Peter K of ABIGOR contributed his songwriting skills.

Forces of Satan Records, the custom imprint owned by Infernus of GORGOROTH hailing BLACK FLAME as their first signed act, issued the 'Imperivm' album, co-produced by Daniele Giordana again at One Voice Studios, in June 2008. That same year Massimo Altomare enrolled with Iscariah's DEAD TO THIS WORLD.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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