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ROSAE CRUCIS was created during 1990 by guitarists Andrea Magini and Igor Baccei, debuting in 1993 with the demo 'Il Re Del Mundo'. Other musicians featured on this tape would be vocalist Giuseppe Cialone, bass player Manuel Timperi and drummer Giordano Bimbi. The bass position would be handed over to Mario Ferruzzi for a second demo, 'Fede Potere Vendetta'. Upon completion of these tracks ROSAE CRUCIS trimmed down to a quartet with the opting out of Baccei.

A further promotion session, 'Bran Mak Morn' with Mirko Lai now on drums, arrived in 2000. That same year the band cut a take of MANOWAR's 'Pleasure Slave' for inclusion on a tribute album. Lai then exited but the band undertook live shows supporting MANILLA ROAD and DOOMSWORD.

The band issued a debut album entitled 'Worms Of The Earth' for February 2003. Session drums would be handled by the CARNAL RAPTURE, CATACOMB, GHOULS and NOVEMBRE credited Giuseppe Orlando. The band then drafted guitarist Tiziano 'Azagtoth' Marcozzi. During 2005 the band featured a cover version of CIRITH UNGOL's 'Death Of The Sun' for inclusion on the Solemnity Music tribute album 'One Foot in Fire'.

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