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An Industrial, Electronic based 'Nu-Black' Metal band forged in Padova, Veneto during February of 1998. Initially EPHEL DUATH, titled after the Shadow Mountains of J.R.R. Tokien's 'Lord Of The Rings', comprised Davide Tiso and Giuliano Mogicato, this pair handling all vocals and instrumentation. The project debuted in October that same year with the Antonio Morgante produced demo tape 'Opera'. This tape displayed the unique stance taken by EPHEL DUATH and the resultant positive press globally helped generate more than 1'000 sales of this tape. On 'Opera' pulled in over 20'000 downloads ranking the band as number 1 artist.

In 1999 the band signed a deal with the new Italian label Code666 and set about recording their debut album entitled 'Phormula'. EPHEL DUATH subsequently signed a four album deal with the Elitist arm of Earache Records, the first fruits of which saw global distribution for the 'Phormula' material repackaged in new artwork as 'Rephormula' adding three 'Opera' session tracks plus remixes.

However, this success did not prevent the departure of Giuliano Mogicato in 2001. VOID OF SILENCE keyboard player Riccardo Conforti would session on 2002 recordings for a new album 'The Painter's Pallette'. Also involved would be KESTMORG vocalist Luciano George Lorusso, Progressive bass player Fabio Fecchio, singer Davide Tolomei and a professional jazz drummer.

Following almost universal acclaim for 'The Painter's Pallette' album singer Davide Tolomei bowed out in July 2003. In September of 2004 EPHEL DUATH took time out from the recording sessions for their new album, entitled 'Pain Necessary To Know', to support THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and POISON THE WELL on their November UK tour.

EPHEL DUATH would ensconce themselves in Studio 73 in Ravenna with producer Paso working on new album recordings in June 2005. UK gigs would be announced but then curtailed, the band citing "organizational problems". Subsequently the band drafted touring drummer Andrea Rabuini, of NUSUTH and INFERNAL POETRY. A series of European shows was announced for mid 2006 but the band then cancelled, blaming "inadequate professionalism" on the part of promoters. EPHEL DUATH announced the addition of new drummer Sergio Ponti in October.

EPHEL DUATH entered Outer Sound Studios in Rome on July 14th 2008 with producer Giuseppe Orlando to complete the recording sessions for their next album, 'Through My Dog's Eyes'. Previously the drums had been recorded by Marco Minnemann, of ILLOGICIST and NECROPHAGIST, at Seacoast Studio in Imperial Beach, California. Final mastering took place at Finnvox studios in Helsinki, Finland.

In November singer Luciano Lorusso George opted out citing "personal and economic reasons". EPHEL DUATH duly announced the addition of ex-MOTHERCARE vocalist Guillermo Gonzales to the group's ranks. It was revealed that Gonzales had come close to securing the frontman position in 2003 auditions. Quite novelly Gonzales' alternate parallel career, that of a professional poker player, was held up as a possible means of financing future touring.

'Through My Dog's Eyes' emerged in January 2009, however, that June Davide Tiso announced that he was "thrilled" to announce the group had left Earache Records. Davide Tiso united with former CRISIS frontwoman Karyn Crisis in May as she advertised she was seeking musicians for her new solo band, the KARYN CRISIS BAND.

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