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Uncompromising Death Metal from Tokyo in a deliberately mimicked American old school style. VOMIT REMNANTS made their mark with the demos 'In The Name Of Vomit' in 1997 and 'Brutally Violated' a year later. Both of these sessions would feature FLESHMANGLER vocalist Shinjiro who would leave the fold in 1999. For the 'Supreme Entity' album, which included a cover of SOIL OF FATE's 'Faces Of The Deceased', guitarist Toshiyasu Kusayanagi switched to lead vocals.

Touring saw an appearance at the 1999 Ohio 'Deathfest' and European shows in alliance with FLESHLESS and GODLESS TRUTH as the band drafted second guitarist Atsuyuki Katou.

VOMIT REMNANTS toured America in April 2001 on their 'Extermination' dates billed alongside VEHEMENCE, BRODEQUIN and MORGUE. The band would also cut a version of 'Mass Obliteration' for a SUFFOCATION tribute album released by Repulsive Echo Records. Singer Toshiyasu Kusayanagi would subsequently found a new act entitled WOUNDEEP.

The band would feature on the first Tokyo 'Deathfest' in April 2005 at the Shibuya Cyclone, joining a billing comprising ETERNAL RUIN, DISGORGE, GODLESS TRUTH and fellow Japanese bands DISCONFORMITY and WOUNDEEP. VOMIT REMNANTS signed to Unique Leader Records for a debut full-length album.

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