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Date Formed 1995

Categories: Black Metal, Folk Metal


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Pagan Black Metal band SKYFORGER, named after a mythological God, was created by erstwhile GRINDMASTER DEAD members guitarist Peter, bassist Edgar and drummer Imant. Mascot Records issued the 'Kauja Pie Saules' album in 1998. Fourth member Rihard was enrolled later to complete the line up. SKYFORGER's 2000 album 'Latvian Riflemen' is a historical concept album relating the story of Latvian recruits in the Russian army during the first world war.

During October of 2002 SKYFORGER hooked up with Swedish acts BESTIAL MOCKERY and GRIEF OF EMERALD together with OBTEST and SEAR BLISS for a run of European dates dubbed aptly enough the 'Christ Crushing' tour.

SKYFORGER signed to the German Folter label in 2004. Dates in Ireland, the band's first, were organised by touring partners WAYLANDER in early 2005. Paragon Records re-issued 'Kauja Pie Saules' in 2006.

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