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War Metal act OBTEST, founded in Vilnius during 1992 by guitarist Sadlave and lead vocalist Baalberith, cut their first rehearsal recordings with drummer Insmuth in 1994. Sadlave boasts a wealth of scene affiliations including BURYING PLACE, NOTANGA, FANARAI, AGYRIA and RUINATION. Commercially the band emerged into the tape trading market in April 1995 with the 'Oldness Coming' demo, recorded at Tamsta Studios in Vilnius. A second tape, 'PrieÅ¡ Audra' ('Before The Tempest'), distributed through Vetèo Menesio Vaizbuva during December 1995, saw Bestial taking over drums. 'Live At Poltergeist' was delivered the same year and another studio recording 'Tukstantmetis' ('Millenium'), so titled as to commemerate the first recorded slaying of a Christian missionary in a Baltic state a thousand years before, came in 1997. This latter session would see a CD re-release two years later through the German Wolf imprint.

In August 1998 the German label Miriquidi Productions released the '997' EP. In September 2000 OBTEST toured Germany as support act to EMINENZ. After a limited picture disc EP OBTEST released the 'Auka Seniems Dievams' ('Offering To The Ancient Gods') album on the Lithuanian Ledo Takas label in December 2001.

During October of 2002 OBTEST hooked up with Swedeish acts BESTIAL MOCKERY and GRIEF OF EMERALD together with SKYFORGER and SEAR BLISS for a run of European dates dubbed aptly enough the 'Christ Crushing' tour. A December 2003 EP, entitled 'Dvylika JuodVarni', included a cover version of 'Prieš Mus Tik Mes Patys', originally by ANUBI.

Ledo Takas issued the album 'Iš Kartos Á Kartà' in September 2005. OBTEST put in a batch of Irish dates in January 2006. Line-up changes had seen bassist Demonas, of BURYING PLACE and ex-ŽALVARINIS, replaced by Edvardas of EUDINE SEYTHE and ANDAJA. Featured on guitar would be Enrikas Slavinskis, a scene veteran of STONE'S LAMENT, FATA MORGANA, SOUL BROTHERS, CROSSROAD and LOOSERS.

Ledo Takas re-issued OBTEST's 1995 demo sessions on 10" gatefold vinyl release, 'Prieš Audra', adding two bonus tracks 'Oldness Coming' and 'My Beloved Land'. These early songs had been re-recorded at Phoenix studio with producer Gints Lungbergs in February 2006. This re-release was restricted to just 222 copies. 'The Fall Generation' tour took OBTEST to Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic with ADULTERY.

OBTEST featured on the billing of the SEPULTURA, SINISTER and KEEP OF KALESSIN headlined 'Devilstone Open Air' festival taking place in July 2009 in Anyksciai, Lithuania.

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