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Categories: Black Metal, Death Metal




    Extreme Satanic Death Metal act GODKILLER hail, quite bizarrely from the millionaire's playground known as the from the principality of Monaco.

    Formed in 1994 the band, centred upon one Duke Satanaël (a.k.a. Benjamin Labarrere) previously operating between 1988 and 1994 as an Industrial Metal project THE PUPPET, released their debut demo 'Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam' the same year. It was a tape GODKILLER swiftly capitalised on in February of the following year by offering a further tape entitled 'The Warlord'. The group since released albums for Avantgarde Records subsidiary Wounded Love.

    GODKILLER concentrate on medieval paganistic themes and are so fundamentalist in their beliefs that mainman Duke Satanaël even denounces Anton La Vey's Church of Satan as being 'weak'!!

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