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Teenage Tolkein inspired Black crew debuted as DARK SORCERESS in 1993 led by guitarists Astaroth Daemonum and Asmoday. Shortly after Levithmong of THE BEAST was drafted on drums and Lord Mystic on bass. At this formative stage in their careers the band performed mainly cover versions from their heroes such as SLAYER, DARKTHRONE and MAYHEM. A change of lead singer to Nimroth in 1995 also provoked the name change to CIRITH GORGOR. However, it would be a full two years before the band's debut gig and their inaugural tape 'Mystic Legends'.

Following the debut album release 'Onwards To The Spectral Defile' in 1999 Asmoday decamped in favour of new guitarist Marchosias, a veteran of ZWARTKETTERIJ, GRIMM and WALPURGISNACHT, for gigs opening for TESTAMENT, ASPHYX and SINISTER. A second album 'Unveiling The Essence' emerged in 2001. That year Inferno of TARTAROS usurped Astaroth Daemonum. An ex-CIRITH GORGOR guitarist, Chris van Klooster, joined CORPSECANDLE that same year.

The 2002 EP, 'Through Woods Of Darkness And Evil' released as a collaboration between Regimental Records and Ketzer Productions, was limited to 666 copies. CIRITH GORGOR entered Q-Sonic Studios in December of 2003 to cut the 'Firestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know The Blackest Dawn' album for Ketzer Productions.

The band engaged in the May 2005 'Total Annihilation' tour alongside Portugal's LUX FERRE and Spain's DAEMONLORD ranging across Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

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