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Date Formed 2000

Categories: Death Metal, Grindcore


Groningen / Veldhoven, North Brabant Death Metal / Grind band went by the names ACRID and DISFIGURE, under which name they put out a 2000 demo 'Disfigure', before settling on the name PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT. Dismemberment Records issued the debut album 'Embalmed Madness' in August 2001.

The German Morbid label issued 'Deeds Of Derangement' in 2003. During 2004 the Unmatched Brutality label re-issued the inaugural 'Embalmed Madness' set, clad in revised artwork and adding demo tracks as a bonus.

Signing with Neurotic Records the group's third album, 'Left In Grisly Fashion', was recorded at Studio Excess. The record, issued in June 2005, included guest vocal appearances from Robbe K of DISAVOWED and ARSEBREED plus Joey of PYAEMIA and ARSEBREED. Drummer Tim Bazen would be superseded by Michiel van der Plicht of KATAFALK and TRAVELERS IN TIME.

European dates scheduled for May 2005 witnessed an alliance with VOMITORY, ROTTEN SOUND and EXHUMED. Promoting 'Left In Grisly Fashion', the band allied with DEICIDE, WYKKED WYTCH and VISCERAL BLEEDING for European shows throughout October and November, taking in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain and Italy.

Live work planned in December across Europe was to see the band hooking up with GOREFEST, MADDER MORTEM, TRAIL OF TEARS, BELPHEGOR and DARZAMAT for the 'X-Mass' festivals set to commence December 8th at the Berlin K17 venue. However, this entire trek was cancelled just days beforehand.

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT entered Stage One Studios in Germany on April 28th 2007 with producer Andy Classen to record its fourth full-length album 'Descendants Of Depravity'. The album arrived in stores during May 2008, the first 400 copies of which hosted a live DVD featuring the band's Dynamo festival performance plus the promotional video for 'The Sadist King And The Generallissimo Of Pain'.

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