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Date Formed 1997

Categories: Black Metal, Christian Metal, Christian Rock, Unblack


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A Black Metal concern began as a solo venture of vocalist / guitarist Shamgar in 1997. SCHLECTVALK, named after a mythical bird, debuted with the 'Falconry' album through the Dutch Fear Dark label in 2000. Such was the positive reception afforded this release Shamgar made the decision to recruit a full band compliment. Incoming would be female vocalist Fionnghuala, guitarist Ohtar of HEIDEVOLK and ARGONATH, bassist Nath, keyboard player Sorgier along with drummer Grimbold of ARGONATH and SKOLL.

The next SCHLECTVALK release would be a split album 'Chaos And Warfare' shared with the Indonesian band KEKAL. Keyboard player Sorgier exited in February of 2003.

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