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NETHERLANDS, North Brabant

Date Formed 2000

Categories: Death Metal


Death Metal band founded in September of 1994 under a former title of NOCTURNAL SILENCE and in this guise debuted with a 1995 demo 'Into The Abscess'. Upon completion of these recordings drummer Maarten Winnips opted out and ex-PYAEMIA man Robbert Vrijenhoek was inducted in his stead. Having recovered from this change the band was struck a further blow with the defection of guitarist Dorus Neijboer. Another PYAEMIA member, Joel Sta, took his place. Still billed as NOCTURNAL SILENCE the band issued the 'Plateau' EP in 1998 but subsequently adopted a far more brutal Death Metal stance. In December of 1999 the band illustrated this shift of tack with a three song promo 'Point Of Few'. However, Joel Sta was to exit. The band took this opportunity to take on the new title of DISAVOWED to reflect this change.

In 2005 Joey Sta and Robbet Kok, in alliance with ex-LENG TCH'E bassist Rizzo, and MANGLED, drummer Floris plus lead guitarist Pranger, fired up the Death Metal project ARSEBREED, recording the album 'Munching The Rotten'.

The band signed with Neurotic Records in August 2006, subsequently recording the 'Stagnated Existence' album at Studio Excess in Rotterdam. DISAVOWED joined forces with CANNIBAL CORPSE and Danish act URKRAFT for extensive European dates in February and March 2007.

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