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Date Formed 1994

Categories: Death Metal, Grindcore


Dutch Grindcore act INHUME was convened in late 1994 issuing an inaugural demo tape at the close of 1995. Early live work found the band guesting for AGATHOCLES, DEAD INFECTION, BENEDICTION, ALTAR and NYCTOPHOBIC among others. A live shared cassette with SUPPOSITORY was issued in 1996 followed up by a further split tape in union with Equador's MUNDO DE MIERDA. 1997 saw further studio work for a promotional demo produced by Erwin Hermsen of MANGLED. A European tour in collaboration with Swedish acts DERANGED and VOMITORY was arranged but curtailed when guitarist Richard and drummer Roel broke ranks.

Replacements would be found in guitarist Harold Gielen and NEE drummer Michiel. The latter's tenure proved fleeting though as after a matter of days he would quit to concentrate on his main act. Nevertheless, a split single with BLOOD would be embarked upon.

As 1999 opened SINISTER's Erik De Windt took the drum stool but only lasted a few months after which the circle was closed as original drummer Roel was re-enlisted. Coincidently Joost would front SINISTER for a period. De Windt wound up with Australians DESTROYER 666 and by mid 2002 also took on drum duties with PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT.

Vocalist Joost, bassist Loek and guitarist Ben are also members of DROWNING IN TEARS. Loek Peeters and Harold Gielen also operated with MANGLED and the bassist also held down duties in DISRUPT. Harold Gielen forged Mathcore Metal band CHARLIE*ADLER, in 2003, alongside former COLLISION man Wouter Wagemans on lead vocals, guitarist Johan van Gestel of GAAR, KUTABARE and VLEISBOEUM, second guitarist Roel in 't Zandt from GRAMOXONE with Niek van Lin from CONCUBINE, SIN and VLEISBOEUM on the drums.

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