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Exceptionally raw Auckland Black / Death "Militant audio apocalypse" Metal band founded in 1997 by vocalist / bassist Rigel Walshe. DAWN OF AZAZEL's uncomprising musical stance, at first Grind based but edging toward a more technically inclined direction upon later releases, has garnered a burgeoning cult fan base. Formative line-ups proved fluid but the band gained stability with a platform of Walshe, ex-RETICENCE guitarist Joe Bonnett, second guitarist Tom James and drummer Tony Corry, this line-up putting in DAWN OF AZAZEL's inaugural gig on the 5th June 1999 alongside COVEN, VEXT, GUTTERED and NOTHWINGHUNGER. However, James exited soon after.

DAWN OF AZAZEL's first commercial offering was the September 1999 demo 'Of Bloodshed And Eternal Victory'. In keeping with the militaristic themes, the demo cover notably sported the "wolfsangel" Dopplehaken symbol of the 34th Waffen SS panzer grenadier Division Landstorm Nederland. However, the band members would subsequently voice their opposition to any links with neo-fascism. Subsequently, Tony Angelov filled the guitar vacancy but then Corry opted out. The new man behind the drums would be Phil Osbourne. The follow up 'Vita Est Militia Super Terram' session arrived in 2000 and was promoted with support dates to Australia's ATOMIZER. 2001 witnessed an increase in live activity, including an appearance at the Christchurch 'Satanfest' and being topped by Australian gigs in December.

The single of 2002, 'Bloodforged Abdication' released through Hellflames Productions, featured a cover version of 'Plateau Of Invincibility' originally by ORDER FROM CHAOS. DAWN OF AZAZEL undertook their 'Bloodforged Abdication' national tour March through May of 2003 to promote a 7" single bearing the same title. All 500 copies of this single were sold out on pre-order alone. The band signed to the Polish Agonia label later that year, projecting a debut full-length album, 'The Law Of The Strong', for January 2004 and touring Europe in July. Vinyl versions added an extra track in 'In Flagellation Of Eden'.

Guitarists Joe Bonnett and Tony Angelov would also be active on the scene with Death Metal band FORCED TO SUBMIT. Drummer Phil Osborne is a member of Death-Grind outfit GRAYMALKIN with both Walshe and Bonnet having figured in this band's history too. However, DAWN OF AZAZEL's Australian tour of November would be their last gigs with drummer Phil Osborne,"removed from the line-up", and guitarist Antony Angelov. New man on drums would be Martin Cavanagh of FORCED TO SUBMIT, GRAYMALKIN and SKULDOM repute.

In May of 2005 the group revealed it had completed recordings for a new album but had split away from Agonia Records. The 'Sedition' album surfaced through Ibex Moon Records, owned by John McEntee of INCANTATION, in October.

During November Walshe's daytime occupation, as a court escort in the Counties Manukau police district, was the subject of New Zealand media attention when Police Minister Annette King requested a report into a possible conflict of interests. The resulting exposure briefly made DAWN OF AZAZEL's a household name.

2006 live campaigning would be announced with a collaboration with San Diego's DISGORGE and INTENSE HAMMER RAGE for the 'Torturing New Zealand & Australia 2006' tour commencing in late February. The band opened for KORN on May 1st at the SuperTop in Auckland then embarked on US shows commencing in late May hooked up with INCANTATION, SIN OF ANGELS and VITAL REMAINS. Further high profile supports included New Zealand concerts with SKINLESS in November and a guest slot to DEICIDE's Australian and New Zealand tour in December.

An exhaustive 32 date European tour in 2007 had the band guesting for IMMOLATION, GRAVE and KRISIUN travelling across Germany, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Belgium. The group, alongside STICKY FILTH, WORLD WAR FOUR, SINATE and 8 FOOT SATIVA, notably supported MOTÖRHEAD at the New Plymouth TSB Stadium in October 2007.

DAWN OF AZAZEL inducted former SCORIA drummer Jeremy Suckling in February 2008. Demos were recorded in April. Album recordings were recorded at Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida during September.

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