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Death Metal / Grindcore act from Christchurch, HUMAN debuted with the 'Organ Splatters' demo in 1992. This was followed by a raft of demos including 'Vomit Discreetly' and 'Things That Make You Go...' both in 1993, 'Not So Famous Game Show Themes' during 1995, 'Playtime For The Sex Machine' in 1996 with both '69 Minutes Of Self Abusement' and 'Stampede Of Stupidity' delivered in 2002.

1999 saw the release of HUMAN's first full length CD 'The Sound Of Yellow'. The band produced a video 'Paytoilet Of Despair' in 2003. HUMAN shot a video clip for the song 'Night Of The Living Bread' at The Dux De Lux in Christchurch during September of 2004. Line-up changes saw Mitchell Hopley replacing Tim Facoorey on guitar. The latter founded TAINTED in October 2004.

HUMAN returned in January 2005 with the album 'Blood Bucket', released by Dead Guy in New Zealand with worldwide distrbution through German label Pikaz Music. Subsequently, Kezz Brewster superseded Hopley.

In 2006 HUMAN teamed up with Auckland's TRIAL BY FIRE for the "Scourge, Purge, And Burn Tour" co-headlining New Zealand tour, commencing October 12th in Christchurch.

The band started work on the album 'Cadaver Academy' in 2008 but halted these sessions when drummer Paul Harrison exited. He would be replaced by the AMIDST HAZE credited Nicolas Kissel. 'Cadaver Academy' finally emerged in May 2009.

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