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Hamilton Hard Rock that developed a harder sound with each release. For their 1993 opener 'Deal' the band were operating in melodic Hard Rock territory. At this juncture BLACKJACK comprised vocalist / guitarist Gavin Dempsey, former TYRANT guitarist Paul Martin, bassist Scott Davies and William Hammond Parker on drums. 1995's 'Kicasso D'Muse' was a much tougher proposition and saw Scott Davies taking the lead vocal mantle with new man Pete Westbury, previously with New Plymouth acts THE NOD and STICKY FILTH, on the drums.

BLACKJACK's rare self financed 1998 album 'Occult Ritual' assembled recordings made by various line-ups of the band. The 1996 song 'House That Sings' was cut by Kerry LeLievre on vocals, guitar and saxophone, guitarist Paul Martin, bass player Scott Davies and drummer Pete Westbury. Two later 1997 tracks saw LeLievre and Martin joined by bass player Don McClumpha and Alan Grady on drums. By 1998 Jason Skelton had taken over on vocals, guitar and zither (!) for the lead five tracks on this collection.

Subsequently Martin and Westbury, together with former TIME bassist Cas Wilson, forged WORLD WAR FOUR.

Paul Martin is well known throughout New Zealand as the longstanding DJ at the 'The Axe Attack' Metal radio show. He would also assemble the 'New Zealand Metal Volume 1' compilation album in 2004, featuring BLACKJACK's 'Liar, Liar'.

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