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Auckland Metal outfit. With New Zealand's premier Metal band 8 FOOT SATIVA making waves internationally, it came as a shock for fans to see both Matt and Sam Sheppard breaking away to re-forge their former act SINATE during June of 2005. Recruited on guitar would be former 8 FOOT SATIVA guitar tech Sean Parkinson and ex-REPROBATE man Antony "The Colonel" Folwell on bass.

The original version of SINATE, founded in North Shore and operational during the mid nineties at first going by the title DESECRATOR, featured the Sheppard siblings alongside bassist Bruce Klingenberg with Steve Dogg on guitar. SINATE's debut album, 'Beyond Human', was recorded over just 11 days at York St. Studios. Touring New Zealand to promote the album throughout January and February 2006 saw LEFT FOR DEAD as support. New album 'Violent Ambitions' was set for October.

Guitarist Sean Parkinson performed his last show with SINATE at the 'Skin'n'Steel' event at the North Shore Events Centre on 30th August 2008. Parkinson placed his priorities with WEST OF HELL, an act that subsequently relocated to British Columbia in Canada. Following Parkinson's departure The Colonel switched from bass to lead guitar, making way for new bassist Munro Goodwin, previously a member of CHUGANAUT.

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