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ZWEIZZ is the post DØDHEIMSGARD and FLEURETY project of Svein Egil Hatlevik, also known under his nom de guerres of 'Hologram' and 'Mr. Magic Logic'. Typically genre defying, the project's debut 7" single 'Black Necrotic Obfuscation' would be described as "A musical summary of the highlights of life. The joy of death, the fear of birth. Implosive humour. A multi-layered death certificate signed by a circus clown". Vendlus Records only pressed 512 copies, all hand numbered with 256 pressed on red vinyl and 256 blue.

In early 2005 the band contributed to the Townsend Avalanche Music IMMORTAL tribute album entitled 'Epimythion - Tribute to Immortal' with their rendition of 'Blacker Than Darkness'. Reports emerged of a full-length album scheduled for January 2007 through Vendlus Records bearing the title 'The Yawn Of A New Age'. Guest inclusions featured Homo Vinter on 'Blacker Than Darkness', Czral (a.k.a. Carl-Michael Eide) of VED BUENS ENDE, AURA NOIR, CADAVER, SATYRICON, ULVER, DØDHEIMSGARD and VIRUS on 'Your System Sucks' and Kjetil S. Matheussen on 'Amateurs'.

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