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NORWAY, Bergen

Date Formed 1993

Categories: Black Metal


Bergen based AETERNUS, founded during 1993, rank as one of the more individualistic acts among the higher echelons of the Norwegian Black Metal scene. During the formative years of AETERNUS frontman and founder Ares (Ronny Hovland) would deputize live for IMMORTAL and also included himself among the ranks of arch Black Metal outfit GORGOROTH

The band first emerged with the demo 'Walk My Path' in March 1994, recorded by Ares as a solo concern at Hindu-Lyd Studios. AETERNUS capitalised on this exposure with an EP, entitled 'Dark Sorcery', issued on the Czech label View Beyond Productions. This release secured a contract with the noted Dutch Hammerheart concern for an April 1997 debut album 'Beyond The Wandering Moon', recorded at Grieghallen Studio.

AETERNUS had expanded to a full band unit by this juncture with Svartalv adding guest vocals on the tracks 'Vind' and 'Embraced'. Drummer Vrolok (a.k.a. Erik Heggernes), having appeared on THY GRIEF's 'A Frozen Realm' demo, also sessioned for GORGOROTH and has association with CHAOS PREDICTED. Band member Morrigan (a.k.a. Nicola) would contribute keyboards to the 1998 OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT album 'Soulblight'. Touring as promotion found AETERNUS on the road in Europe alongside HADES and HELHEIM with a further tour as guests to EMPEROR and LIMBONIC ART. A 1998 7" vinyl picture disc EP, 'Dark Rage', was limited to 500 copies.

Hammerheart released the second album, '...And So The Night Became' again crafted primarily by Ares, Morrigan and Vrolok, during 2008. Session guests included drummer Torquemada, of OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT, whilst K. Nordeide flavoured proceedings by providing an array of exotic instrumentation including lute, viella a' roue, clarsach clewth, lyre, guitar, dronepipes, piano and percussion.

In 1999 AETERNUS augmented their sound by drafting Polish guitarist Radek (Radomir Michael Nemec), also a member of Thrash-Grind act AMOK, for the 'Shadows Of Old' album. On the road in Europe during October 1999, the group joined a heavyweight billing comprising MARDUK, ANGEL CORPSE, DEFLESHED and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Hammerheart compiled an archive collection of tracks for release in 2000 branded 'Burning The Shroud'. Included were unreleased studio tracks, demos and live tracks recorded at Hulen Rock Club in Bergen, Norway in February 2000.

Morrigan would decamp from the band during 2001, going on to CAT CALL and ATERRA. Drafted on bass would be V'gandr, a Bergen scene veteran citing affiliations with CULT OF CATHARSIS, HELHEIM and DEATHCON. A European package tour, billed with AGATHODAIMON, HECATE ENTHRONED, ENTHRONED, MÖRK GRYNING and INFERNAL POETRY, ensued during Spring of 2002. A new studio record, provisionally billed as 'A Darker Monument', was announced for 2003. HADES ALMIGHTY drummer Remi sessioned on the track 'The Trident' for the album. That same year Radek toured as temporary live member of TAAKE. AETERNUS regrouped for a November European headline tour, packaged with 1349 and RED HARVEST.

In the Autumn of 2004 the band, having recently added new guitarist Stian (a.k.a. 'Stanley') of DEATHCON and AMOK, entered Grieghallen Studios with producer Eirik "Pytten" Hundvin to record the 'Hexaeon' album for an early 2005 release via Nocturnal Art Productions. Ares enrolled into the ranks of GRIMFIST, performing bass duties, in December 2004.

AETERNUS parted ways with guitarist Stian in April 2005. Further splintering saw founder member Erik Heggernes also opting out, for Rock outfit BOURBON FLAME, out in February the following year. He would be swiftly replaced by S. Winter of IN CURSED OBSESSION, FORLORN, A WINTER WITHIN and GEHENNA. Meantime, Dreggen, an esteemed campaigner citing ties to DEATHCON, CULT OF CATHARSIS, BLACK HOLE GENERATOR, GRIMFIST and TAAKE, assumed guitar duties.

The 'HeXaeon' album was released in 2006 via Karisma Records. This set was recorded at Grieghallen Studios in Norway, being once produced by Eirik Hundvin. Terris, of MALSAIN, GALAR and GRAVDAL, took over drum responsibilities the following year.

AETERNUS started to compose material for their seventh album in May 2009.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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