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NORWAY, Bergen

Categories: Black Metal


Bergen Black Metal act that include members of both GORGOROTH and TRELLDOM, including the infamous figure of vocalist Gaahl. Bassist Tormentor is a member of ORCUSTUS. Drummer Mutt, of TRELLDOM and also SIGFADER would session for TAAKE. Guitarist Skagg (a.k.a. Stian Lægreid) has association with GORGOROTH, as live guitarist, DEATHCULT, as Herr Ekkel, SIGFADER and INFERNAL MANES. Their 1999 debut, the EP 'Erotic Funeral Party' being a split outing shared with STORMFRONT, was released through No Colours Records.

Recordings for a 2003 album found former ENSLAVED and GEHENNA man Dirge Rep sessioning on drums. Subsequently GAAHLSKAGG employed drummer Thurzur (Jan Atle Lægreid) from DEATHCULT, SIGFADER, AV NORRØNT BLOD and INFERNAL MANES.

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