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Formed in Bergen during 1992 by Vanargandr and Hrimgrimnir, skinsman Hrymr (a.k.a. Frode Rødsjø) completed the trio in 1993 whilst a fourth member, Nidhogg, was briefly a member of the group for the recording of the first HELHEIM demo before leaving after it was completed. That year Rødsjø aided the Death / Doom band SYRACH on their 'Helverd' demo tape.

The band next recorded a fifty minute long demo entitled 'Nidr Ok Nord Liggt Helvegr'. This tape gained the group a deal with the German based Solistitium label. The 'Jormundgand' album was produced at the legendary Grieghallen Studios.

Stylistically, HELHEIM deal in aggressive Black Metal, although they are not lacking in melody in places. Not to be confused with the other Norwegian HELHEIM that issued the 1996 'Fenris' album. V'gandr also fronts Viking Metal band CULT OF CATHARSIS, Death Metal combo DEATHCON and performs bass guitar for AETERNUS.

In early 2006 HELHEIM revealed that a new album, 'The Journeys And Experiences Of Death', issued through Dark Essence Records, was to feature guest vocals from Marius Lynghjem from the Norwegian experimental outfit CORVINE and Big Boss of famed Czech Metal band ROOT.

Dark Essence Records issued the 'Kaoskult' album, engineered by Bjørnar Nilsen at Conclave Studios, in March 2008. This set was recorded by V'gandr on vocals and bass, guitarists H'grimnir and Thorbjørn, keyboard player Lindheim with Hrymr handling drums and programming. Also featuring in the studio would be vocalists Rolf Royce of HELLHIKERS, Bjørnar Nilsen and Marius Lynghjem.

The track 'Jernskogen' was chosen for a promotional video. HELHEIM created a national media buzz by promoting the album with an acoustic concert at the Klosteret Barnehage kindergarten. SYRACH guitarist Noralf Reichborn Venaas replaced Thorbjørn, who exited in order to prioritise his SINKING SEA project, in May.

Norwegian concerts in September saw HELHEIM touring alongside COR SCORPII and VULTURE INDUSTRIES. The group aligned with VULTURE INDUSTRIES and ATROX for European "Vikings, Villians & Vultures" concerts in November, hitting Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Czech Republic.

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