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NORWAY, Drammen

Categories: Black Metal


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Drammen based Black Metal trio ANSUR was created during 2003 by a trio comprising singer Espen A. R. Aulie, guitarist Torstein J. Nipe and bass player Aslak A. Werme, bowing in with a self-titled demo, cut at Lyst & Glede Studios, a year later. Originally only 56 copies were pressed but South Korean label Nerbilous Productions re-issued the demo commercially, re-branding it as 'Carved In Flesh' during 2005. That same year Werme exited, leaving Aulie to assume bass duties, as ANSUR welcomed in new members second guitarist Stian Svenne and drummer Glenn Ferguson. Work commenced on a debut album, entitled 'Axiom', in July 2005.

ANSUR signed to Nocturnal Art Productions for Europe and Candlelight Records for the USA in March 2006, issuing the debut 'Axiom' album in August .

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AXIOM 2006


Carved In Flesh 2005


Ansur 2004