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NORWAY, Drammen

Date Formed 1993

Categories: Death Metal


A highly individual approach to the genre makes Drammen's MYRSKOG a unique proposition. The band, founded in 1993, include former SUFFERING members and has had a fluid line-up leading to the 1995 demo 'Apocalyptic Psychotasia - The Murder Tape'. MYRKSKOG's Destructhor (real name Thor Anders Myhren) also features on the 2000 ZYKLON album, the side project of EMPEROR's Samoth and Trym. Drummer Anders Eek ('Secthdaemon'), handling drums on the 2000 Thorbjørn Akkerhaugen produced 'Deathmachine' debut album released through Candlelight Records, has credits with ODIUM, FUNERAL and THE FLESH.

Drummer Bjørn Thomas has also featured in the ranks of MYRKSKOG. Session keyboards were handled by Custer (real name Per Arvid). Frontman Master V (Kenneth Lindberg or 'Konstrukt') also operates a live keyboard player for LIMBONIC ART and holds membership of SIRIUS and DIMENSION F3H. Secthdaemon, acting as frontman, would unite with ZYKLON for a bout of late 2001 touring in America. Guitarist 'Savant M' (a.k.a. Haakon Nicolas Forwald or 'General Kshatriya') cites affiliations with SLAVIA, DISIPLIN and KOLDBRANN.

Promotion of the September 2002 album 'Superior Massacre', also on Candlelight, would see the band on a European package tour commencing in Paris on October 8th. Running mates for the extensive series of dates would be NILE, SINISTER, NO RETURN and EKTOMORF. Eek also operates the Funeral Doom project FALLEN along with INZEKT vocalist Kjetil Ottersen. A demo arrived in 2004.

MYRKSKOG's debut appearance on Swedish soil would be as support to GOD AMONG INSECTS at their 4th September record release party gig at Kelly's in Ȫrebro. June of 2005 saw Forwald joining DISSECTION as bassist. Anders Eek joined Torbjørn Sandvik's GLITTERTIND project in February 2006.

Destruchtor delivered a guest guitar solo for the 2007 'Eryx' album by GLORIA MORTI, featuring on the track 'Sands Of Hinnom'.

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