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A classically inspired Gothic Black Metal band dating to January 1995 and established by singer by Ole Alexander Myrholt and guitarist Tony Eugene Tunheim. ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY's first recordings surfaced as the demo 'Devilry & Temptation' in 1998, these sessions scoring a deal with Head Not Found Records. Debut album 'Traces O' Red', produced by Fred Endresen, arrived the following year. The band returned in 2001 with the 'Megalomania' album, recorded with the rhythm section of bass player Hans-Aage Holmen and drummer Asgeir Mickelson. Limited edition expanded versions would see the track order re-arranged and the addition of an extra song 'And To Temptation's Darkness Forever Abide'.

Live work during 2001 would see the recruitment of guitarist Archon (Lars Haider) of ARCHON, DIMMU BORGIR, MALEFICUM and NOCTURNAL BREED. Concerts the following year found the band shifting shape, introducing keyboard player Lars Eric Si, a scene veteran of AGE OF SILENCE, SENSA ANIMA, WINDS and KHOLD, plus ALLFADER and GAIA EPICUS drummer Cato Skivik.

Ex-ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY bassist Hans Åge Holmen joined GAIA EPICUS in June 2005. Another ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY member, drummer Ole Alexander Myrholt, holding additional credits with ARCHON, DIABOLICAL BREED, I WAS FLESH ONCE..., VALE and THE WHIPCORDS, also hooked up with GAIA EPICUS that October as their new drummer.

Unveiled in early 2006, a new side project TREMOR comprised S.O.Tremor (Ole Alexander Myrholt) handling vocals, guitar and drums plus Hans AG3 (Hans Åge Holmen) on bass guitar. In May ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY announced they were to disband due to "lack of motivation." However, by October word of a new album, credited simply to Ole Alexander Myrholt and Tony Eugene Tunheim to be branded 'Mere Contemplations', was reported for release via the Norwegian independent label INRI Unlimited.

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