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One of a growing number of 'unblack' Christian Black Metal styled acts. The group was formulated in Fredrikstad during 1996 as VITALITY, boasting an initial roster comprising four family members, brothers and cousins, vocalist Sven-Erik Lind, guitarist Karl Fredrik Lind, bassist Bjarne Peder Lind and drummer Glenn-David Lind. As VITALITY the group issued an opening five song demo in May 1997. A second tape, 'A White Realm', started to incorporate ancestral and Viking themes and this musical persuasion prompted the adoption of a new title DROTTNAR.

The British based Plankton Records label released the debut album 'Spiritual Battle', assembled from VITALITY and DROTTNAR demo sessions. In late 1999 DROTTNAR recorded the brand new track 'Trellebaand Maa Briste' for inclusion on the compilation album 'In The Shadow Of Death'. However, Bjarne Peder Lind exited shortly afterward. Before the close of 2000 DROTTNAR engaged Bengt Olsson as second guitarist. DROTTNAR resurfaced in February 2006 with the EP 'Ad-Hoc Revolt'.

The band performed at the Halmstad, Sweden Christian Metal Endtime Festival in March 2007 alongside CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, ANTESTOR, VENI DOMINE, EVERGRACE, HARMONY, INEVITABLE END, VARDOGER, VIRGIN FOREST and EXTOL.

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