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A solo Death Metal venture from guitarist Frediablo, known for his other activities in DERIDE. The debut 'Force Fed On Human Flesh', produced by Killjoy of NECROPHAGIA and RAVENOUS and issued on the man's Baphomet label, found BLOODTHORN drummer Jehmod assisting in the studio.

Frediablo would also feature significantly in Killjoy's WURDULAK Black Metal endeavour 'Ceremony In Flames'. Toward the close of 2001 Frediablo made an opening for a further side venture in union with DERIDE's Ole Walanet and the IMMORTAL pairing of Horgh and Iscariah. This as yet unnamed alliance bowing in with the demo session 'Ghouls Of Grandeur'.

Recording in early 2002 had Frediablo piecing together a second GORELORD opus 'Zombie Suicide Part 666'. A further project of Frediablo also emerged in 2004, initially billed as SEVEN GATES OF HELL, but then switched to CHAMBER OF STRENGTH. Recording at Godfed Studios in Norway this solo venture would be self described as "an intense hybrid of Death, Hardcore and modern Metal". Meantime, Frediablo's Black Metal project HEMNUR published the 'Ravnsvart' demo in October, also crafting a debut album 'Untamed Norwegian Black Metal' for early 2005 issue through Baphomet Records. The guitarist also readied a new GRIMFIST recording and a third GORELORD album, 'Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre', due in May 2005 via Coffin Records. That August, Frediablo relinquished his associations with NECROPHAGIA, GORELORD, WURDULAK and CHAMBER OF STRENGTH to prioritise GRIMFIST. 'Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre' finally arrived, a year late, in April 2006.

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