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NORWAY, Hønefoss

Date Formed 1992

Categories: Black Metal


The uncompromisingly brutal URGEHAL, hailing from Hønefoss, emerged with the 'Ferd' demo of 1994. The band was formulated during 1992 at the hands of guitarists T.L. Messiah (a.k.a. 'Ensifer') and Trondr Nefas, of BLOODSWORN and VULTURE LORD repute, bassist Chiron with keyboard player Aradia. However, the formative band would soon dispense with keyboards.

The opening 'Ferd' sessions, as well as the 'Rise Of The Monument' tape which followed in 1995, scored well on the Black Metal underground and resulted in URGEHAL signing to the German based No Colours label. This relationship commenced with the album 'Arma Christi' issued in 1995. In side activity Trondr Nefas, billed as 'Tom', fronted KVIST's 1996 album 'For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike'. URGEHAL capitalised on their debut with 1997's 'Massive Terrestrial Strike'. This album found Jarl E. (a.k.a. 'Uruz', or more properly Tom Arne Fossheim) of CREST OF DARKNESS manning the drums.

2001's 'Atomkinder' outing, released by local imprint Flesh For Beast Records, incorporated cover versions of KREATOR's 'Ripping Corpse' and SEPULTURA's 'Antichrist'. By this juncture Ensifer was going by the newly adopted stage moniker of Triggerhappy Leppermessiah. The band added the FORGOTTEN REALMS and ASMEGIN credited Tomas Torgersbråten (a.k.a. 'Asmodeus') on bass during 2002. The Polish Agonia concern issued 'Through Thick Fog Til Death' in September of 2003. Uruz sessioned for PHILOMEL'S EPITAPH during 2004.

Agonia issued a limited edition EP, 'Demonrape' restricted to 1000 copies, in August 2005. URGEHAL entered MLP Studios in January 2006 to record a new full-length album entitled 'Goatcraft Torment' for release through Polish label Agonia Productions in Europe and Southern Lord in North America. Agonia also unveiled plans to re-issue the band's debut demo in vinyl picture disc format. URGEHAL donated their version of 'Veadtuck' to a split gatefolded double red vinyl 7" tribute EP to honour VON shared with TAAKE, AMOK and NORWEGIAN EVIL on the Holycaust label.

The band also announced for European dates in alliance with SHINING and SALACIOUS GODS.

TAAKE, URGEHAL and KOLDBRANN teamed up for a European tour in March 2007. The band celebrated its 15 year-anniversary that year by releasing the album 'The Eternal Eclipse - 15 years Of Satanic Black Metal'. This collection included three previously unreleased songs from the 'Goatcraft Torment' sessions.

URGEHAL contracted a deal with Season of Mist's Underground Activists division in June 2009. The group joined forces with U.K. act SPEARHEAD and the Los Angeles based Black Metal band EYES OF NOCTUM or a U.S. tour in late summer.

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