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Categories: Black Metal, Doom


IN SILENCE notably featured a pre-MAYHEM Blasphemer (a.k.a. Rune Eriksen), the guitarist joining a post Count Grishnackh version of the fabled act in 1992. Blasphemer also featured as member of AURA NOIR, AMICUS and MEZZERSCHMITT.

Following a second IN SILENCE demo, 'The Suicide Revolution' in 1999 featuring contributions from members of DØDHEIMSGARD, DIMMU BORGIR and GEHENNAH, and after having studied theology, philosophy, folklore and religious history at Oslo university, IN SILENCE band member Eternity forged ahead with a solo concept. The demo 'In Subspecies Aeterna' was published in February 2003. Eternity then moved on to BARK, laying down the autumn 2003 demo 'A Funeral For Knowledge', then resurrected NUCTEMERON to cut 2004's 'Buried In Flesh' and 'Serpent' in February 2005.

A second ETERNITY session, entitled 'To Become The Great Beast', was projected for September 2005. A third set, 'Bringer Of The Fall', was slated for 2006.

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