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NORWAY, Kristiansand

Date Formed 1998

Categories: Death Metal


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BLOOD RED THRONE is the retro Death Metal project of erstwhile EMPEROR man Tchort (a.k.a. Terje Vik Schei). The band was convened in Kristiansand after both Tchort and guitarist 'Død' (Daniel Olaisen) both quit SATYRICON during 1999 and operate as a side project in parallel to Tchort's activities with GREEN CARNATION. Bass duties would fall to Erlend Caspersen of APOSTASY, UNSPOKEN NAMES, MR. CUCUMBER and DISMAL EUPHONY. Olaisen also performed with SCARIOT whilst Tchort also finds the time to rank as bassist with CARPATHIAN FOREST. For recording of the 'Deathmix 2000' demo session BLOOD RED THRONE utilised the services of vocalists Ronnie Thorsen of SCARIOT and Vidoor Helseth. A cut from these tapes would find its way onto the Necropolis 'Nordic Metal II' compilation.

The anonymous 'Mr. Hustler' (Flemming Gulch) would take over duties at the microphone for the debut album 'Monument Of Death'. Issued by the Dutch Hammerheart label 'Momument Of Death' would see a later license to North America courtesy of the Martyr Music group. The first 1000 copies, dubbed "The Suicide Kit", are apparently signed with the real blood of the band members.

BLOOD RED THRONE announced touring activity for June 2002, forming part of the 'Generation Armageddon' festival package in league with Swedish acts DISMEMBER, SATARIEL and NECROPHOBIC, Dutchmen SINISTER and Danes MERCENARY. That same year Flemming Gulch and Daniel Olaissen initiated side venture COBOLT 60, cutting the album 'Meat Hook Ballet'.

As a stop gap mini-album, 'A Taste For Blood', comprising of unreleased promo tracks, a MASSACRE cover version and a cut from the 'Nordic Metal II' compilation, was readied for 2002 release BLOOD RED THRONE announced the induction of new drummer Espen Antonsen. A second, full length album, the Endre Kirkesola produced 'Affiliated With The Suffering', was projected for October release.

Embarking upon a mammoth string of European shows throughout October and November of 2002 BLOOD RED THRONE created part of a deadly union for the 'Generation Armageddon' festival tour. Joining the band would be Greece's SEPTIC FLESH, Ireland's PRIMORDIAL, Belgium's ANCIENT RITES, and Swedish heavyweights DISMEMBER and IMPIOUS. This title would be used once more for a second leg of European shows in May of 2003, the band forming a live alliance with ANCIENT RITES, THYRFING, SEPTIC FLESH, PRIMORDIAL and SKYFIRE.

The band spent the early part of 2004 crafting a new studio album 'Altered Genesis'. The recording line-up for this opus comprised vocalist Mr. Hustler, guitarist Tchort and Død, bassist Erlend Caspersen with session drums from Bernt A. Moen. European dates for June saw an alliance with VADER and MALEVOLENT CREATION.

The band altered its line-up, introducing singer Vald and drummer Anders Faret Haave, the latter of APOSTASY and GROUND ZERO SYSTEM, for November European shows ranked alongside MORTICIAN and AKERCOCKE. Although the tour saw MORTICIAN pulling out in dramatic circumstances, as frontman Will Rahmer was arrested in Poland on 13th November under the charge robbery with a dangerous weapon, the tour continued. Members of AKERCOCKE and BLOOD RED THRONE pooled talents to cover vocals and bass duties in order for MORTICIAN to continue the dates.

In early 2006 Erlend Caspersen joined the ranks of US Death Metal band VILE to conduct their 'Gutting Europe' tour during March and April. In October he teamed up with Santa Cruz, California Death Metal band DECREPIT BIRTH.

BLOOD RED THRONE entered Jailhouse Studios in Horsens, Denmark in early February 2007 to record a fourth studio album. 'Come Death', featuring the GORGUTS cover 'Disincarnated', saw delivery in August.

Earache Records issued the 10th anniversary Valle Adzic engineered 'Souls Of Damnation' album in June 2009. Limited editions added two bonus tracks, 'Manifest Of Lies' and 'Affiliated With The Suffering' plus a DVD documentary disc.

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