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Date Formed 1989

Categories: Black Metal



A Black Metal band with Grindcore influences founded in Stord during 1989. OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT started life as a trio of vocalist Pest (Thomas Kronenes), guitarist Døden (Ove Saebo) and drummer Torquemada. Three years later second guitarist Heks (Heine Salbu) was added for the demo 'Out Of The Crypts'.

OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT issued their debut 1994 album 'Centuries Of Sorrow' on Likstøy Music. The record was picked up by the Effigy label the following year for wider distribution. During the interim between albums Pest would session for the notorious Black Metal institution GORGOROTH appearing on the 1996 album 'Antichrist True Norwegian Black Metal'.

Sophomore effort 'Witchcraft' saw the inclusion of bassist Tortur although his position was short-lived. T. Reaper of MALIGNENT ETERNAL and GORGOROTH took the place for the band's Napalm Records debut 'Soulblight'. Keyboards were handled by Morrigan (Nicola) of AETERNUS.

Pest would front US Black Metal band BLOODSTAINED DUSK for an appearance at the 2006 'Hellfire Manifest' in Huntsville, Alabama. Nicola subsequently went on to CAT CALL and ATERRA.

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