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Date Formed 1991

Categories: Black Metal, Christian Metal, Unblack


ANTESTOR is a leading Christian 'Unblack' Metal band. The group was first formulated in Oslo during 1990 billed as CRUSH EVIL, but had broken up sometime in 1992. Reforming, ANTESTOR issued the 'Despair' cassette in 1993 and would include the track 'Jesus, Jesus, Ver Du Hjå Meg' to the 1994 compilation album 'Romerrikes Vakreste'. ANTESTOR signed to the Morphine Records that year for their debut album 'Martyrium'. However, this album did not emerge and the band severed ties with the label. In July 1995 guitarist Pilgrim (Erling Jørgensen) made way for Erkebisp (Stig Rolfsen). The band signed to the British Cacophonous label for the opening album 'Return Of The Black Death', released in September 1998 This album received virtually no promotion because, according to the band, Cacophonous did not realise the band was Christian and upon discovery of this fact withdrew all marketing of the album.

Morphine Records was set to issue the next album, even issuing promotional cassettes in late 1998. However, the album never emerged on this label. 'Martyrium' was finally released in 2000 by the Norwegian Endtime Productions label. A limited run of 300 green vinyl copies were also made available. ANTESTOR played a release party event to launch the album on March 25th 2000 at the 'Bobfest 2000' event in Stockholm.

ANTESTOR members vocalist Vrede (Ronny Hansen) and keyboard player Morten Sigmund Magerøy would also both be active members of the Christian "unblack" band VAAKEVANDRING. ANTESTOR guitarist Vemod (Lars Stokstad) also performs live with VAAKEVANDRING.

Quite bizarrely ANTESTOR employed session drummer Hellhammer (a.k.a. Axel von Blomberg) for the 2004 EP 'Det Tapte Liv' and follow up album 'Forsaken'. Besides his main employ with arch Black Metal protaganists MAYHEM, Hellhammer's impact upon the Scandinavian Metal scene stretches across such diverse acts as AGE OF SILENCE, ARCTURUS, CARNIVORA, IMMORTAL, MORTEM, SHINING, VIDSYN, TROLL, THORNS, DIMMU BORGIR, MEZZERSCHMITT and WINDS.

The band performed at the Halmstad, Sweden Christian Metal Endtime Festival in March 2007 alongside CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, VENI DOMINE, DROTTNAR, EVERGRACE, HARMONY, INEVITABLE END, VARDOGER, VIRGIN FOREST and EXTOL.

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