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Anglo-Norwegian Black Metal collaboration CODE, based in Oslo, was initially fronted upon formation in 2002 by DHG and VOID vocalist Kvohst (a.k.a. Mathew McNerney) and featured bassist Viper ('Vicotnik' / Yusaf Parvez) of VED BUENS ENDE and DØDHEIMSGARD and former ULVER and VALHALL drummer Aiwarikiar (Erik O. Lancelot). Subsequently, second guitarist Vyttra was installed.

First product arrived in March 2002 in the form of a demo 'Neurotransmissions - Amplified Thought Chemistry', recorded as a duo of Kvohst and guitarist Aort. Finnish label Spikefarm released the debut album, 'Nouveau Gloaming' laid down initially in Savonlinna in Finland but completed at Skrek Og Skru in Hells Fire Oslo, Norway with producer Henning Bortne, in May 2005. Aiwarikiar would be supersed by scene veteran Asgeir Mickelson, of BORKNAGAR, ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY, LUNARIS, SPIRAL ARCHITECT, IHSAHN, VINTERSORG, SCARIOT and HIGHLAND GLORY repute.

CODE announced the addition of Simon Hestnæs (a.k.a. ICS Vortex), of DIMMU BORGIR, ARCTURUS, BORKNAGAR and LAMENTED SOULS, as new frontman in January 2007.

During 2008 CODE members Aort (Andy McIvor) and Kvohst united with guitarist Heimoth, of SETH, and guitarist Cyriex, of ASMODÉE and SETH, to forge the DECREPIT SPECTRE project, debuting with the EP 'Coal Black Hearses' in December.

The group's second album, 'Resplendent Grotesque', was released in Norway on 6th April 2009 via Tabu Recordings. CODE featured on the billing of the SEPULTURA, SINISTER and KEEP OF KALESSIN headlined 'Devilstone Open Air' festival taking place in July in Anyksciai, Lithuania.

In side activity, Aort forged Black Metal project BLUTVIAL with Ewchmylaen, formerly of ACOLYTE'S RUIN and REIGN OF EREBUS. The album 'I Speak Of The Devil' was released that July through Spinefarm Records.

HEXVESSEL, the solo musical outlet of Mathew McNerney with collaborations with other occult musicians and lyricists, released its debut track on the 'Death Aesthetics' compilation CD via Paradigms Records in late 2009. CODE's Andy McIvor contributed.

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