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Date Formed 1992

Categories: Black Metal


FIMBULWINTER's 1994 album 'Servants Of Sorcery' would be the first product delivered by Hot Records. The recordings, which included a cover rendition of CELTIC FROST's 'Morbid Tales', would be taken from earlier demos. The band would prove notable due to the inclusion of vocalist Shagrath (a.k.a. Stian Thorensen), later to find international high profile with DIMMU BORGIR. Guitars would be handled by Necronos with Skoll (Hugh Steven James Mingay) on bass, holding scene credentials with VED BUENS ENDE, ARCTURUS and ULVER. FIMBULWINTER drummer Orbweaver (Per Morten Bergseth), also holding ties to SONIC DEBRIS, founded FRACTURE in 2005, a band fronted by FUEL vocalist Paal Strand, is a Notodden based Metal act founded in 2005. Band members histories include guitarist Jostein Thomassen having held positions with SOURCE OF TIDE, MORTIIS, PECCATUM and SPIDER, bass player Lars Stian from SOURCE OF TIDE, SCUM and DISIPLIN.

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