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Oslo Black Metal band GRIMFIST was assembled during 2001. IMMORTAL drummer Horgh (a.k.a. Reidar Horghagen) and the IMMORTAL, AMOK and WURDULAK credited bassist Iscariah unveiled their GRIMFIST Peter Tägtgren produced project album 'Ghouls Of Grandeur' in July 2003, just as rumours leaked IMMORTAL themselves had folded. The band would be fronted by none other than Frediablo, an esteemed campaigner from WURDULAK, BLODKRIG, AVE SATHANAS, BLOODTHORN, BROWNEYE, GORELORD, DERIDE, SVARTPEST, SOUL FORSAKEN and the infamous NECROPHAGIA. Guitars were handled by DERIDE, DESTINY and TOXICATE man Ole Walaunet. Iscariah would also be an active member of the British based Pagan collective THE CLAN DESTINED, led by ex-SKYCLAD frontman Martin Walkyier.

Horgh, maintaining his GRIMFIST allegiance, joined HYPOCRISY in January 2004. However, by June the drummer's priorities had switched and he vacated his position. As such, GRIMFIST were forced to pull out of the German 'With Full Force' festival. A further project of guitarist Frediablo also emerged, initially billed as SEVEN GATES OF HELL, but then switched to CHAMBER OF STRENGTH. Recording at Godfed Studios in Norway this solo venture would be self described as "an intense hybrid of Death, Hardcore and modern Metal". Meantime, Frediablo's Black Metal project HEMNUR published the 'Ravnsvart' demo in October, also crafting a debut album 'Untamed Norwegian Black Metal' for early 2005 issue through Baphomet Records. The guitarist also readied a new GRIMFIST recording and a third GORELORD album, 'Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre', due in May 2005 via Coffin Records. In December of 2004 it would be revealed that GRIMFIST had inducted the new rhythm section of bassist Ares, frontman for AETERNUS and also holding both GORGOROTH and IMMORTAL credits, with American drummer Dustin Pearl, entering Subsonic Society with engineer Lars Klokkerhaug to cut a new album.

In May of 2005 GRIMFIST announced the addition of Christian Svendsen (a.k.a. Anti Christian) of TSJUDER, BIG MUFF 68 and THE CUMSHOTS as the new drummer. That August, Frediablo relinquished his associations with NECROPHAGIA, GORELORD, WURDULAK and CHAMBER OF STRENGTH to prioritise GRIMFIST.

The band would join the April 2006 'No Mercy' roving European festivals on a billing comprising CANNIBAL CORPSE, KATAKLYSM and LEGION OF THE DAMNED. For these gigs the bass position would be delegated to ex-CRADLE OF FILTH and CRIMINAL man Robin Eaglestone. Meantime, Anti Christian joined the ranks of STURMGEIST.

Frediablo announced his intention to leave, citing a disatisfaction with the scene by stating "The motivation and drive I once possessed is dead". GRIMFIST pulled in Tommy Hjelm, a campaigner of THE CUMSHOTS, INTERFERENTZ, SYNDICATE, INFIDEL and INSENSE on vocals and Dreggen from DEATHCON, BLACK HOLE GENERATOR, CULT OF CATHARSIS and AETERNUS on bass. The band teamed up with SUSPERIA and RED HARVEST for a UK tour in October 2006.

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