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KOLDBRANN (Norwegian for 'gangrene'), fronted by former CARNIFEX guitarist / vocalist Mannevond, deliver traditional cold Black Metal. Mannevond forged the act in Oslo, initially as a solo venture but standing in as temporary guitarist in 2001 would be CARNIFEX man Dragev. With this candidate's departure to pursue solo concern EXTREME MANIFEST, guitarist Kvass and drummer Fordervelse (a.k.a. Tom V. Nilsen) were enrolled in the Spring of 2002. Fordervelse had been involved as a member of girl Thrashers ZEENON from 2000 but relinquished this position in order to prioritise KOLDBRANN.

Jonas Christ (a.k.a. 'Jonas aus Slavia') of SLAVIA, substituting for Kjøttring, deputied for KOLDBRANN as session bassist during September of that year. The band employed live session musicians General Kshatriya (a.k.a. Haakon Nikolas Forwald of SLAVIA, DISIPLIN and MYRKSKOG) on second guitar and bassist Mpress during 2003. However, KOLDBRANN's inclusion of 'Fortapelse I Svovel Og Helvetesild' on the 'Infernal Gathering' Inferno Festival compilation album would see bass duties handled by Tyr (a.k.a. 'Erik Tiwaz' / Jan-Erik Torgersen) of EMPEROR, BORKNAGAR, MORPHEUS WEB and SATYRICON repute. The band, having issued the 'Nekrotisk Inkvisition' album through the Scottish Desolate Landscapes label, secured the bass position in November with the recruitment of the ANTAIOS, MOLOCH and CYSTE credited Stian Jonsgareng.

A split 7" shared with LJÅ, entitled 'Fredløs', surfaced in February 2004 on the Aftermath Music label. KOLDBRANN, adding Geir Antonsen as the group's touring guitarist, teamed up with ENDSTILLE for a German 'Anti-Trigger' tour in December. The band would also sign to the German Twilight-Vertrieb label to re-issue 'Nekrotisk Inkvisition' with all new artwork. A limited edition 7" single, 'Atomvinter', arrived in early January through Apocalyptic Empire Records.

A second KOLDBRANN album, entitled 'Moribund', was recorded at JAKs Hell studios in Preetz, Germany during early 2006. Iblis from ENDSTILLE guested in the studio. A release party concert for 'Moribund' was held on June 25th at Rock In venue in Oslo with support from VIDSYN. Northern Silence Productions issued a vinyl version of 'Moribund', limited to 666 handnumbered copies. KOLDBRANN teamed up with Bosnia and Herzegovina's KRV for the "Moribund Balkan Tour 2006" in October, undertaking shows in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia. TAAKE, URGEHAL and KOLDBRANN allied for a European tour in March 2007.

KOLDBRANN released a mini-CD, entitled 'Stigma: På Kant Med Livet', on 15th August 2008 via Twilight-Vertrieb. 

In May 2009 the group announced that they had "chosen to end the collaboration with its drummer through seven years, Fordervelse, due to internal disagreements". At the same juncture guitarist Geir Antonsen stated that he wanted "to step down from his position as second guitarist of the band, as he no longer feels that he has the necessary capacity to continue with active touring".

In July KOLDBRANN recruited drummer Folkedal, SARKOM session musician, and guitarist Voidar, from HJARNIDAUDI, for their August festival appearances at 'Summer Breeze Open Air' in Dinkelsbühl, Germany, 'Barther Open Air' in Barth, Germany and 'Hole In The Sky' in Bergen.

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