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Date Formed 1993

Categories: Black Metal


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Norwegian quartet OLD MAN'S CHILD were formed in the town of Ur during 1993 by frontman Grusom (a.k.a. Tom Rune Andersen), ex-STRID guitarist Jardar (Jon Øyvind Andersen) and drummer Tjodalv (Kenneth Åkesson), the latter also doubling up as skinsman for DIMMU BORGIR. This trio had previously operated as Death Metal combo REQUIEM, publishing a 1993 demo cassette under this formative title.

Changing tack towards a Black Metal stance and recruiting bassist Brynjard Tristan (Ivar Tristan Lundsten), the group took on the title OLD MAN'S CHILD for a 1994 demo session entitled 'In The Shades Of Life'. OLD MAN'S CHILD's debut album, 1995's 'Born Of The Flickering' released through DIMMU BORGIR frontman Shagrath's Hot imprint and co-produced by the band and Tom Sennerud at Studio 3, featured guest appearances from members of DIMMU BORGIR and MINAS TIRITH. Contributing musicians in the studio included female vocalist Torill Snyen and classical guitarist Richard Wikstrand. This would be the only ocassion where Galder used the Grusom moniker.

Material recorded before the album and had consequently not made the cut was later released as 'In The Shades Of Life' during 1996. Following the appearance of the 'odds n' sods' collection the group would part company with bassist Tristan and replace him with Gonde (Frode Forsmo). Century Media issued 'The Pagan Prosperity' in August 1997. Recorded Studiomega at these tracks saw Tony Kirkemo, of MINAS TIRITH and ANTESTOR, sessioning on drums.

The band continued to evolve as OLD MAN'S CHILD undertook a European tour alongside SACRAMENTUM and ROTTING CHRIST. These dates witnessed the departure of Gonde and Tony in favour of drummer Sarke and bassist Blodstrup (Sverre Stokland), both previously members of TULUS.

OLD MAN'S CHILD's June 1998 album 'Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion', engineered by Tomas Skogsberg, had the esteemed DEATH and DARK ANGEL drummer Gene Hoglan sessioning.Japanese versions included an extra track, 'The Millenium King'.

The band's next opus, 'Revelation 666 - The Curse Of Damnation', produced by HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren at Abyss Studios, arrived in March 2000. The group at this juncture involved Galder, Jardar and Memnoch with drums from Grimar (Jan Roger Halvorsen), of FORGERY and MANDYLION, and Tjodalv. Female vocals were provided by Marielle Anderson.

Members of OLD MAN'S CHILD guitarist Cyrus and bassist Memnoch created SUSPIRIA in 2000 reuniting with Tjovald on drums. Cryus also undertook live work with SATYRICON. Galder departed in August 2000 to join DIMMU BORGIR.

In mid 2002 former OLD MAN'S CHILD touring keyboardist Vidvandre united with Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal band GRAND ALCHEMIST for their debut record 'Intervening Coma-Celebration'. Material from the archive 'In The Shades Of Life' EP would be re-issued by the Hammerheart label as a split release with DIMMU BORGIR in May.

OLD MAN'S CHILD would lay down a new studio effort at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg during 2002, provisionally billed as 'Infidel'. By September this title had been changed to 'In Defiance Of Existence', it also being revealed that several guest lead solos had been laid down by DREAM EVIL guitarist Gus G. Ongoing delays with the album were attributed to the need to conduct a complete remix and an overhaul of the original lyrics necessitating Galder re-recording lead vocal parts.

Once again utilising Studio Fredman, OLD MAN'S CHILD cut a new album with a working title of 'In The Orbit Of Torment' (subsequently switched to 'Vermin') in early 2005. Galder would re-record all the instrumentation except drums, which were supplied by Reno Kiilerich of DIMMU BORGIR, FROZEN SUN, EXMORTEM, KOBEAST, 12 GUAGE, PANZERCHRIST, VILE, STRANGLER and HUMAN ERUPT repute. TESTAMENT and DRAGONLORD guitarist Eric Peterson guested.

A side project initiated by Jardar in "Dark Death Metal" band INSIDIOUS DISEASE, saw the guitarist in collusion with Silenoz and Tony Laureano of DIMMU BORGIR.

OLD MAN'S CHILD released 'Slaves Of The World' on 19th May 2009 via Century Media Records. The album was recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg with producer Fredrik Nordström. The nine-song effort featured Peter Wildoer, of DARKANE and PESTILENCE, on drums. 'Slaves Of The World' sold around 1,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release, including digital and internet sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album entered at no. 38 on the Top New Artist Albums Heatseekers chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

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