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Black Metal band SLAVIA, a duo comprising the KOLDBRANN and DISIPLIN credited Jonas aus Slavia (a.k.a. 'Jonas Christ') alongside Haakon Nicolas Forwald (a.k.a. 'Savant M' or 'General Kshatriya') of KOLDBRANN, DISIPLIN and MYRKSKOG repute, debuted in 1998 with the demo CD-R 'Spectral Fascination'. Various sessioneers employed by the pair would include ENDSUM, JERNBYRDE and THE BLACK GATE guitarist Aquilion, ENDSUM and VIDSYN guitarist Nattsjel, 1349 bass player Seidemann and KOLDBRANN drummer Fordervelse (a.k.a. Tom V. Nilsen).

A second session, 'Not Of This World', surfaced in May of 1999 followed by 'Collective Trash' in December of that year. SLAVIA released the demo 'Gloria in Excelsis Sathan' during 2001 resulting in a single deal with the French Drakkar Productions label. The 7" single 'Norwegian Black Terror Metal' surfaced in 2002. Jonas Christ deputied for KOLDBRANN as session bassist during September of 2002. In June of 2005 Forwald joined DISSECTION as bassist.

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