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Date Formed 1995

Categories: Avant-Garde Metal, Black Metal


A rare attempt at autonomous Black Metal adventurism, instigated by the Autumn 1995 demo 'Jernlov'. SOLEFALD describe their music as "Red music with black edges". Vocalist Cornelius has credits with MONUMENTUM and a solo project entitled PERSONA. Drummer Lazare (Lars Are Nedland) has credits with BORKNAGER and CARPATHIAN FOREST. Live work employed the use of guitarist John E, drummer Tarald. and DIMMU BORGIR man Jens Peter on bass. Promoting 'The Linear Scaffold' album the band partnered with HAGGARD and TRISTANIA for their inaugural European tour in 1998.

'Neonism' followed in 1999 followed by 'Pills Against The Ageless Ills'. A fourth Borge Finstad produced album, entitled 'In Harmonia Universali', would employ no less than four languages - Norwegian, French, German and English.

In 2003 Lazare was to be found as a member of AGE OF SILENCE alongside KHOLD and TULUS man Eikund and the notorious MAYHEM, WINDS and ARCTURUS drummer Hellhammer.

SOLEFALD returned to the recording studio in the Spring of 2004. At the same juncture Cornelius would be finishing off his STURMGEIST solo album 'Meister Mephisto' and publishing a book of prose entitled 'Yggdraliv. Quadra Natura 0011'. New SOLEFALD recordings conducted in early 2005 found Garm of ULVER, BORKNAGAR and ARCTURUS repute (a.k.a. Kristoffer Rygg or 'Trickster G.') and female vocalist Aggi Frost guesting in the studio. The resulting album, 'Red For Fire - An Icelandic Odyssey Part 1', emerged in October on the French label Season Of Mist. Tracks from the album would first be performed live that September at the Oslo 'Sonic Solstice' festival.

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