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Date Formed 1993

Categories: Progressive Metal


Oslo outfit forged in 1993, produced by a union of ANESTHESIA members guitarist Kaj Gornitzka, bass player Lars K. Norberg and drummer Asgeir Mickelson, also a scene veteran of ARCTIC THUNDER, CAMELOT, PROFANE and SLAYTANIC, with erstwhile KING'S QUEST guitarist Steinar Gundersen. This new unit opted to pursue an offbeat Jazz / Fusion flavoured technical Metal direction.

The band debuted with a brace of tracks, 'Fountainhead' and 'Purpose', include on the 1995 compilation collection 'A Gathering...'. Session lead vocals for these recordings were provided by Leif Knashaug. When submited to a demo the tracks reaped heady praise from the Progressive Metal movement. The band found a permanent singer in ex-MANITOU man Øyvind Hægeland during 1996 and decided on retreating from the Progressive Metal scene and pursuing their own path of creativity.

In 1997 SPIRAL ARCHITECT signed to the American Sensory label for the album 'A Sceptic's Universe'. The record, laid down in Texas, was produced by the Grammy award winning Neil Kernon. Japanese versions, originally scheduled for release in December of 1999 but held back until January 2000, by the Avalon Marquee label held an additional track in the FATES WARNING cover 'Prelude To Ruin', originally donated to the tribute album 'Through Different Eyes'. Regular versions of the album surfaced in January of 2000. With recording complete Andreas Jonsson took the place of Gornitzka. The ex-guitarist subsequently forged TWISTED INTO FORM with ex-LUNARIS bassist Erik Aadland and EXTOL drummer David Husvik.

With SPIRAL ARCHITECT's musical prowess now established globally the individual band members would find themselves the subject of intense demand. Whilst remaining loyal to SPIRAL ARCHITECT, Mickelson was inducted into the ranks of BORKNAGAR for their 'Quintessence' album. Gundersen meantime also teamed up with another high profile Black Metal act, joining SATYRICON for European touring. During 2001 Mickelson would session for ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY and on SPASTIK INK's 'Ink Compatible' album. Meantime Hægeland guested on MAYHEM's 'Grand Declaration Of War'.

2002 found both Gundersen and Norberg ensconsed in the ranks of SATYRICON whilst Mickelson remained rooted in BORKNAGAR as well as finding time to lay down drums on the VINTERSORG record 'Visions From The Spiral Generator'. Three SPIRAL ARCHITECT members, guitarist 'Azarek', bassist 'Maztema' and drummer Asgeir Mickelson would unite with ex-1349 singer Balfori for the side project LUNARIS, issuing the 2002 album 'The Infinite'.

Singer Øyvind Hægeland would join fabled Black Metal outfit ARCTURUS in February of 2003 as replacement for a departing Garm. Other changes saw drummer Asgeir Mickelson teaming up with San Francisco Bay Area Thrash veterans TESTAMENT as a temporary stand in for regular sticksman Jon Allen. Whilst SPIRAL ARCHITECT remained inactive Mickelson took the opportunity to lay down sessions with BORKNAGAR, VINTERSORGTOR HØILAND and LUNARIS. Øyvind Hægeland too put in appearances with both TOR HØILAND and LUNARIS as well as road work with ARCTURUS as activities with SATRYICON kept Steinar Gundersen and Lars K. Norberg busy. Asgeir Mickelson was announced as having temporarily joined the ranks of DIMMU BORGIR as stand in live session drummer during March of 2004. However, upon issue of this statement the drummer's manager refuted the assertion.

In December guitarist Steinar Gundersen, on tour with SATYRICON, had been arrested along with fellow guitarist ArntOve Gronbech after the 14th December band performance at the club Fun Haus in Toronto. Both were charged with the drugging and rape a woman on the SATYRICON's tour bus after the concert.

It was learned that in August 2005 members of SPIRAL ARCHITECT, alongside musicians from SATYRICON, LUNARIS and the DIMMU BORGIR, NILE, ANGEL CORPSE credited drummer Tony Laureano had recorded tracks for a new "savagely innovative" Black Metal project. This transpired to be SYSTEM:OBSCURE, featuring vocals handled by Balfori of LUNARIS, guitar from Steinar Gundersen, fretless bass from Lars Norberg plus Hammond organ by Bugge Wesseltoft. A three song demo preceded album recordings in early 2007.

Both Lars Norberg and Asgeir Mickelson sessioned on IHSAHN's May 2008 album 'Angl'.

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