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Categories: Death Metal


The charmingly named VOMIT were certainly among one the very first of countless bands to use the term 'vomit' (or some variation thereof) as their band name. Oslo's VOMIT were one of the earliest examples of a that was the predecessor to Black Metal. This is not suprising as vocalist Kittel Kittilsen and drummer Torben Grue eventually joined Norway's Black Metal pioneers MAYHEM in 1988. Prior to the exodus that ultimately resulted in the dissolution of the band, VOMIT recorded a demo on 31st January 1987 entitled 'Rot In Hell'. They remain an interesting footnote in the lineage of extreme Metal. A split bootleg with MAYHEM isspreading around, too. The MAYHEM tracks from this release were later officially reissued on vinyl.

Kittel Kittelsen would also work with BØRRE OG BLØDERNE and KVIKKSØLVGUTTENE.

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