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Date Formed 1988
Date Disbanded Sep/2004

Categories: Death Metal


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Renowned Røde Death Metal unit CADAVER, brought into being by Ole Bjerkebakke and Anders Odden during 1988, put out the November rehearsal tape 'Into The Outside' then opened proceedings officially with the July 1989 demo 'Abnormal Deformity', recorded at at Kællen studios in Torp and distributed by Rapax Productions. These sessions were conducted by Ole Bjerkebakke on vocals and drums, Anders Odden on guitar with René Jansen handling bass. That same year Odden sessioned as bassist the BALVAZ demo 'Kællus Tapus'. A live CADAVER demo, 'Sunset At Dawn' featuring new second guitarist Espen Sollum, followed in September. Five further studio tracks were recorded in January 1990, but not made available to the public.

CADAVER's November 1990 'Hallucinating Anxiety' album was also issued, minus one track 'Hypertrophyan', as a split CD with CARNAGE. For the second release, October 1992's '...In Pains' issued through Earache Records, bassist René Jansen made way for Eilert Solstad. Anders Odden now handled all guitar duties. The CADAVER debut plied pure Death Metal whilst the sophomore attempt '...In Pains', produced by Kjetil Kællen Johansen at Rhythm Studios in Bidford, saw more technical Thrash elements creeping in.

In spite of being recognised genre leaders CADAVER folded with guitarist Anders Odden founding APOPTYGMA BERZERK and performing sessions on both SATYRICON's 'Rebel Extravaganza' and MAYHEM's 'Grand Declaration Of War'. Odden would breathe life back into CADAVER, now billed as CADAVER INC., during 1999. In this guise, the band's reliance on uncompromising Death Metal subject matter and images, and in particular their spoof 'Murder clean up service' website has even prompted investigation by the Norwegian government.

The new look band would be fronted by LAMENTED SOULS and AURA NOIR vocalist Apollyon, also known as a one time member of DHG and DØDHEIMSGARD. On bass would be L.G. Balvaz of DISGUSTING, HYDR HYDR and BALVAZ whilst drums would be allocated to Czral, a true veteran of the scene citing credits with SATYRICON, ULVER, VED BUENS ENDE, INFERNO, AURA NOIR, VIRUS, DIMMU BORGIR and DØDHEIMSGARD. CADAVER INC.'s 5 track EP 'Primal' would land a deal with the Earache concern for the 2001 'Discipline' opus. Both Fenriz of DARKTHRONE and erstwhile EMPEROR member Faust would be on hand to add to these recording sessions. Touring the same year would see the band on the road for an extensive European tour in league with EXTREME NOISE TERROR.

In 2004 the group, once more billed simply as CADAVER, signed to the UK based Candlelight label for the 'Necrosis' album, produced by Bjørn Boge at Sound Residence Studio in Oslo. Meantime, Odden also busied himself with another act MAGENTA. News emerged in September that "after 15 years of underground service", CADAVER had decided to call it a day.

Anders Odden joined the touring line-up of CELTIC FROST in 2006.

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