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Skien based Black Metal band ILDJARN, essentially a solo endeavour of THOU SHALT SUFFER bassist Ildjarn (Vidar Vaaer), sometimes benefit from the assistance of EMPEROR's Samoth on their recordings. Following the demise of THOU SHALT SUFFER Ildjarn embarked upon the solitary ILDJARN activity and would later also enroll with EMPEROR.

The band dates to 1992 with demos such as 'Ildjarn' in January 1993 with guest vocals from Ihsahn of EMPEROR, 'Norse' in March 1993, and February 1994's 'Minnesjoerd' preceding their first release the 'Norse' EP, a collection of all three sessions. As the band progressed, sometimes in collussion with NIDHOGG, experimentation came to the fore, as with the 'Svartfraad' release. Later albums are exercises in minimalist electronica alongside brutal and raw Metal.

'Landscapes', a double album of improvised synthesizer music, was recorded in a mere two day session and subsequently limited to 250 copies. 'Strength And Anger' would follow. However, ILDJARN releases became increasingly scarce. Hardly advertised the releases remained stockpiled in the Norse League Productions offices. Recently they have been made available again in limited quantities. During 2002 Northern Heritage re-issued 'Forest Poetry' in a lavish gatefold 10" double vinyl package limited to 500 copies.

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