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NORWAY, Sogndal

Date Formed 2005

Categories: Black Metal


COR SCORPII, a Black Metal combo announced in Sogndal during 2005, is a venture established by WINDIR keyboard player Gaute Refsnes ('Righ'). In the wake of the tragic death of WINDIR founder Valfar (a.k.a. Terje Bakken) on 16th January of 2004, Refsnes initiated the COR SCORPII project, drawing in ULCUS and WINDIR guitarist Stian Bakketeig and drummer Steingrim (Jørn Holen) of WINDIR, ULCUS and VREID repute. The band would be completed by Rune Sjøthun on rhythm guitar, Inge Jonny Lomheim on bass and lead vocalist Thomas S. Øvstedal.

In July 2005 COR SCOPII entered Studio 1184 to record the drums for their opening demo entitled 'Attergangar'. Further music was completed at Espen Bakketeig's Amla Metal Studio and finally mixed by Stig Ese Eliassen. 'Attergangar' saw issue in November.

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Attergangar 2005