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NORWAY, Stavanger

Categories: Black Metal


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Stavanger Black Metal band GEHENNA debuted with the 1993 demo 'Black Seared Heart'. The band's initial line-up comprised of Sanrabb and Dolgar, both on vocals and guitar, with drummer Sir Vereda. The latter soon departed in favour of Dirge Rep (real name Per Husebø) and bass was taken over by Svartalv. With this roster of players, GEHENNA undertook their first live performance in February 1994. Keyboard player Sarcana offered his services after this gig. Svartalv was replaced by Noctifer following the second album 'Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness'. In 1996 drummer Dirge Rep took the drum stool for EMPEROR for their contribution of HELLHAMMER's 'Massacre' to a CELTIC FROST tribute album.

Vocalist Sanrabb and other GEHENNA members Alvarin and Whorn conducted a trad Metal experimental band known as FORLORN during 1997 releasing a self titled mini album on Head Not Found Records.

The 1998 album sees the debut in GEHENNA of 122 STAB WOUNDS and FORLORN drummer Blod (real name Jan Egil Fosse) and PENITENT and VINDSVAL keyboard player Damien (Asbjørn Beyer Log), Dirge Rep having joined ENSLAVED. Blod sessioned on the 1999 TSJUDER album 'Kill For Satan'.

The band returned with the acclaimed 'Murder' album during 2000. Meantime the FORLORN side project would still be on going during 2001 with guitarist Dolger, replaced as a member of GEHENNA in early 2001 by Nekro, also pitching in. GEHENNA would mark a return in the Spring of 2002 although it seemed only Sanrabb remained standing as an original member. A new album was plotted utilising the talents of such high profile figures as MAYHEM and MEZZERSCHMITT man Blasphemer on guitar and Frost of SATYRICON and 1349 on drums.

Dirge Rep, also active with ORCUSTUS, enrolled into the ranks of GORGOROTH in September of 2004 as stand in musician for their Mexican and European dates. A brand new GEHENNA album, billed 'WW', would be set for 2005 issue through Moonfog Records.

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