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FAUSTCOVEN, based in Trondheim, Sør Trøndelag, is a Black Doom solo project by Gunnar Hansen. In 2002 the first FAUSTCOVEN demo 'Satanic Doom 2002', a six track offering featuring a cover version of VENOM's 'Warhead', was released. The second FAUSTCOVEN effort, 'The March of Cloven Hooves', was limited to just 39 individually hand numbered copies. This session included cover versions of DARKTHRONE's 'To Walk The Infernal Fields' and PENTAGRAM's 'Day Of Reckoning'.

German imprint Barbarian Wrath took the project on for a full-length album entitled 'The Halo Of Burning Wings' for December 2003 release. 666 hand numbered editions were released. Session drums came courtesy of Terje Kråbøl, holding credits with THORNS, MINAS TIRITH, BETHZAIDA and ANTI-DEPRESSIVE DELIVERY. Subsequently FAUSTCOVEN employed Johnny Tombthrasher from GHOUL-CULT on drums for the track 'Orgy In Sodom', set for inclusion on a split 7" single, 'Obeying The Priests Commands', shared with KOLDBRANN through Greek label Cryptia Productions. A second album, 'Rising From Below The Earth', was composed in 2006.

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